as a physicist, i stand amazed in the world of colors wondering which laws of nature may apply here

Svend Dunkhorst is a German artist known for his paintings that alternate between figuration and abstraction.

Svend Dunkhorst lives and works in Düsseldorf and has always been interested in both science and art. The graphic impression of a work has always been a very important point for him, and so he started working as a graphic designer in the beginning and also studied in this direction. Dissatisfied with the tasks these jobs entailed, he embarked on a scientific career and became a physicist and later a software engineer.
While he had worked on a scientific basis for decades, art was nevertheless his constant companion, whether as a painter, designer or musician.

In 2020, he decided to return to art completely.

Many of his works combine geometric elements such as circles and polygons, as well as light gradients with bold areas of color and subtle shapes.

Due to the apparent spontaneity and playfulness of his works, many works give the impression of having come out of thin air; the well thought use of the materials employed, on the other hand, reveals the conceptual complexity of his works.

Thick pigments from a reduced palette, coarse putty covering the entire canvas, playful brushstrokes carefully set in sparse but lively compositions – all this takes the viewer into a virtual world in which one is almost invited to find his own subjective stories and thoughts in it.